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Shawn Adair

Personal Trainer

Training and inspiring out of Vancouver, Shawn is the CEO and Founder of THE BAR. Shawn is a personal trainer that focuses on calisthenics and power lifting. Shawn regularly shares with Megaton Nation his secrets on everything from the perfect morning routine to building insane strength. Check out Shawn's Megaton Spotlight.

Claire Bukowski


Adventurous  with a thrill seeking nature; You can find Claire out in the blazing Tucson sun, on the side of a mountain, or on the cover of the Women of Climbing 2018 Calendar. 

Mercadi Carlson


Fun-loving, and energetic, Mercadi is a Crack climber, climbing coach and rad rafting guide, Mercadi can cover ground both high and low. If you're even in Moab, Utah and in the mood for a once in a lifetime adventure make sure you check out  Mercadi at Red River Adventures.

Justin Kline


  The man, the myth, the living legend. Coach Justin competes in some of the most grueling races on the planet, including the Xterra Triathlon World Championship. You can catch him training out of Hawaii, and soon on ESPN running, biking and swimming for the gold.

Nathan Hagberg

BJJ Champion

Grappling extrodinare and BJJ champion. Nathan trains out of Tempe at AZ Combat Sports. Nathan's latest medal came at the IBJJF San Diego International Open.  With his work ethic, don't be surprised if he racks up more golds than Michael Phelps. 

Eve Rebennack


Remember when Forrest Gump kept running across the country? Well Eve competes in races that are pretty much that long. Eve is an endurance specialist with next-level training tips. Check out Eve's spotlight where she shares her secrets to conquering ultra endurance events.

Christian Natividad

MMA Athlete

Our favorite Hawaiian fighter. Don't let his smile fool you... you do NOT want to get caught in a ring with Christian. An expert in BJJ, wrestling, and boxing,  Christian keeps climbing the Octagon game ladder. 

Matt Chittim

Running Coach /Podcaster

The Rambling Runner himself! Matt is the voice and the brains behind the "Rambling Runner Podcast". Matt is a running coach who interviews some of the most interesting and inspiring amateur runners to showcase their stories of perseverance, dedication, and training tips. Whether you are a runner or not, Matt's show has plenty of tips to get you inspired and take your quest for self-improvement to the next level. 

Zac Marion

Doctor / Ultra Runner

Ultra runner champion Zac Marion got started on his running journey as a way to lose weight and get in shape. 100 lbs and a PhD later, Zac travels the world running ultra-marathons and sharing his knowledge to help others to achieve their health goals. An endless fountain of inspiration and knowledge, give Zac a follow for your daily dose of motivation and some great perspective on how to improve your overall well-being. 

Conner Andrews

Open Water Competitions / Coach / Environmental Activist

Conner (A.K.A Aquaman) is a super hero in and out of the water. His sport is traveling the world while tackling some of the most challenging open water swim races on the planet.  But, if that wasn't enough, he leads the way on extensive environmental conservation efforts for clean waterways across the country. When he's not busy saving the world's water or winning competitions you can catch him swimming/guarding in Lake Michigan. 

Stephanie Flippin

Ultra Runner /Surgeon

Steph is the epitome of performing at the highest levels while pursuing passions and a career. When Steph isn't busy running literally hundreds of miles she spends her time as a surgeon running her own medical practical. Follow Steph for stories of how to get the most out of life while always having a smile on your face.  

Jayson Simons-Jones

Mountain Guide/Adventure Photographer 

 Jayson is an IFMGA/UIAGM Licensed Mountain Guide, and Owner of Lotus Alpine Adventures, LLC who calls the mountains of Colorado and Chamonix, France home. Jayson has successfully guided alpine climbing and skiing expeditions on 5 of the 7 continents over the scope of his 18 year guiding career. When not mountain guiding, Jayson can be found climbing, skiing, trail running, or spending the rest of his time on adventure photography business

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