Megaton 101: Quick Tips to Get the Best Megaton Experience

You chose Megaton, which means you made the choice to crush procrastination, dominate your day, and achieve your goals. 

We want every cup of Megaton to be the best cup of coffee possible. That's why we created 'Megaton 101', a one-stop guide to help you maximize your Megaton and to get the most out of every day.

Best Coffee to Water Ratio

You can make your coffee stronger or weaker by playing with the coffee/water ratio. We find the following creates a great cup of Megaton:

  • The "Golden Ratio" is 17 grams of water for 1 gram of coffee
  • If you don't have a fancy scale, then we recommend 6 ounces of water for 2 tablespoons of Megaton

When to Drink Coffee to Maximize Your Workout

  • Peak caffeination happens generally 45-60 minutes AFTER you drink coffee. So drink Megaton about an hour before your workout to best take advantage of the energy
  • If you want a full overview of the science behind how caffeine helps with workouts, check out our overview here.

Fresh Coffee Matters

While coffee doesn't go 'bad' for quite a long time, it can get stale. Freshness makes a BIG difference in taste. For a full breakdown of how to get the freshest coffee check out our post here!

  • Drink your coffee within ~1 month of it's roast date (the sooner the better!)
  • Buy whole bean coffee and grind your beans immediately before brewing
  • Store your coffee beans away from oxygen and sunlight

Brewing Tips

  • Use very hot water that is ALMOST boiling (205 degrees if you want to be exact)
  • To start, pour just enough water to cover the coffee grounds and let it sit for 30 seconds, letting the coffee "bloom"
  • Step by step guide to French Press brewing
  • Step by step guide to Chemex brewing

Recipes We Recommend

Coffee Grind Size

The more finely ground the coffee the more extraction you'll get when you brew it. Certain grind sizes lend themselves better to certain brewing methods. For a complete guide to coffee grind sizes, we recommend checking out this post from Coffee or Bust. But here are the highlights:

  • Extra Coarse/ Coarse - Provides the least extraction. Great for cold brew and using in a French Press
  • Medium Coarse/ Medium - Standard grind level. Good for Chemex and drip coffee
  • Medium Fine/ Fine - The highest level of extraction. Needed for espresso

Experiment to Find Your Favorite Taste

Coffee's taste and caffeine levels comes from the level of extraction you get while you brew. You can make your coffee taste stronger/weaker by experimenting with the following (warning: over extraction can make your coffee taste bitter!).

  • Water Ratio: The less water you use, the more concentrated your coffee 
  • Grind Size: The more finely ground the coffee, the higher the extraction
  • Brewing Time: The longer you brew, the stronger your coffee

 About Us

Learn about the story behind the beans, the team, and what Megaton is all about! Check Out Our Story

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