Coffee as strong as your grip



Workout longer, climb higher, and push further. Megaton is always in your corner so you can beat the daily grind and


Don't put added chemicals into your body. Megaton's next-level kick comes from the unique blend of ethically sourced high-caffeine beans we source. It's a natural  source of long-lasting energy. 


Megaton is highly caffeinated, so don't waste time chugging multiple cups of weak "coffee." Just look at what our fans cup of Megaton is better than two cups of anything else.


Oh, and by the way...unlike other high-caffeine coffees, Megaton tastes f**k'n delicious.

What our Athletes think

Mercadi Carlson


First time I had Megaton I went out and did an offwidth boulder circuit. I came back and still had energy. I'm stoked on this coffee!

Megaton Coffee | Premium Roast | High Caffeine |

Megaton Coffee | Premium Roast | High Caffeine |

Get a 12oz bag of our signature blend of small batch coffee. Megaton is a premium dark roast that delivers coffee with more caffeine and more flavor. One cup of
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Why Megaton

We roast the best tasting high-octane coffee you've ever had.

Every bean is ethically sourced and roasted in small batches in Louisville Kentucky for insane levels of quality and freshness. We searched the world to find a combination of delicious beans from South America and Southeast Asia with naturally higher levels of caffeine...

...which means Megaton's next level kick is all-natural, with no additives. Ever.

Caffeine Improves endurance

We've always known caffeine helps us conquer the trail, hill, or whatever course we are on. But, we didn't always know why.

Caffeine does more than just boost our mental focus. It helps the way our body generates energy too. Drinking coffee before a workout helps our body switch to burning fat for energy rather than oxidizing glycogen from our muscles. A.K.A. - our muscles fatigue less and our bodies tap into a more potent source of energy. This helps us improve our overall endurance.

P.S. If you want to learn more about how coffee impacts physical performance, check out our post where we rounded up scientific studies that analyze the relationship between coffee and athletics.

Caffeine WITHOUT the Additives

Research shows that nearly all the physical benefits from pre workout drinks come from their main ingredient... caffeine.

If you are like us, then we know that you want the benefits of caffeine without the extra ingredients that you can't even pronounce.

That's why we created Megaton - to deliver a natural source of caffeine in its purest form. By sourcing coffee beans with naturally higher levels of caffeine (and that also happen to be delicious) we found a way to deliver all of the benefits of extra caffeine without the additives or bitterness.

Join Megaton Nation! You'll get 15% off your first purchase plus access to some of the world's most kick-ass Climbers and interesting athletes. 

We'll send you brew guides and training tips from the pros so that you can brew the best tasting coffee on the planet and dominate your run.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will refund your purchase.