About our Affiliate Program

Join us on our journey to get deliciously caffeinated coffee into as many mugs as possible. We offer an affiliate program and want you to join!

Sign up Now: Affiliate Signup Page

Program Details:

We offer a flat 20% commission on every order of coffee or jump ropes.
Payment Terms:
- We pay on the last day of every month
- Must wait for 30 days after conversion to be eligible
- Conversions that are refunded are NOT eligible
- Affiliate account must surpass $5 before eligible for payout
- Affiliate payouts are distributed via PayPal
Product Type Restrictions:
-Affiliate commissions can be earned on COFFEE PRODUCTS & JUMP ROPES ONLY (apparel is excluded)
Negative and/or Offensive Content:
Affiliates are not eligible if they post negative or disparaging content about Megaton Coffee. Similarly, offensive content can lead to disqualification from our affiliate program.
The decision to determine  ongoing eligibility for our affiliate program is at the complete discretion of Megaton Online LLC. We're all just people here... be a good person and we'll treat you right!



How Do You Monitor Sales/Commissions?

We use the software Refersion to manage our program. It's one of the most popular affiliate marketing software out there and automatically tracks and pays out commissions.

How Can I Collaborate With Megaton?

We collaborate in all sorts of ways with our affiliates. Everything from guest blog posts, and profiles with our athletes, to podcast appearances are things we love to do! 

Where Do I Sign Up?

Send us an email at Hello@megatoncoffee.com or sign up directly on our affiliate sign-up page here. 


Megaton Coffee Quick Facts

  • Roast Profile: Dark Roast
  • Twice the caffeine of normal coffee
  • Roasted in small batches (This means we roast once we get our customers' orders.) It's delivered within a few days of being roasted, compared to grocery stores where coffee is sitting on the shelf for weeks or months.
  • All natural (no additives)
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Roasted in Louisville, Kentucky
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