Welcome to Megaton Nation

Megaton Coffee Highly Caffeinated Coffee

We roast highly-caffeinated coffee so that you can dominate your day. Every day.

We believe that one cup of Megaton is better than two cups of anything else - and we think there is good reason behind it. Our formula is simple:  

 Better Beans + Better Roasting = Better Coffee

We were sick of choosing from the chemical-riddled world of pre-workouts and energy drinks and between the endless number of terrible tasting high-caffeine coffees on the market.

So, we decided to do something about it.

Many of our competitors settle for the cheaper version of high-caffeine beans. But you don’t believe in settling, and neither do we. Instead, we scoured the Earth to find the best blend of highly-caffeinated and great tasting coffee beans on the planet.

Every bean that we source goes to our roastery in Fort Wayne, Indiana – where our master roasters have perfected the art of small-batch roasting. Not only does roasting in small batches give us more consistent quality, it also means that every bag is delivered insanely fresh. When that first bag of Megaton arrives in your mailbox, you’ll know what we mean. You can actually smell the difference.

We love what we do because we help people be at their best and dominate what they do every day. Welcome to Megaton Nation and get ready for some seriously intense coffee!


 Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Megaton Get Its Extra Caffeine?

Megaton gets its extra punch from the type of beans we source. There are tons of coffee varietals out there, each with distinct flavor profiles and levels of caffeine. We scoured the earth to create a blend of coffee from South America and Asia Pacific that maximizes both caffeine and taste.

There’s nothing extra added to our blend. We just select the best beans, roast them the right way, and let our coffee do the talking.

I Want to Buy LOTS of Megaton… Do You Sell Wholesale?

Yes. Whether you’re a gym buying in bulk for your members or a specialty shop that’s looking to carry some high-octane coffee – we offer wholesale packages that fit what you need. Send us an email at Hello@Megatoncoffee.com and we’ll get you started.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

We do! We offer a generous affiliate program and are always looking for ways to get Megaton into as many mugs as possible. Sign up here to register for our affiliate program and we will send you all the info you need!

How Can I Become a Megaton Influencer?

We love our Megaton Influencers and we sponsor some of the most unique athletes out there. It’s a serious decision who is out there representing our brand, but we’re always looking to add great people to our family. If you think you have what it takes to be an influencer then send us an email at Partners@Megatoncoffee.com or find us on Instagram @MegatonCoffee.

What’s Up with the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

We think Megaton is the best coffee money can buy and we stand by every bag that we make. But, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with our coffee, then just let us know and we will refund your purchase. No questions asked.

Megaton 101: Maximize Your Megaton

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