From Couch to 50K: How to Train Like an Elite Endurance Athlete with Coach Justin Kline

He is a normal guy that gets extraordinary results - and that’s what we are all about here at Megaton. When we saw wh...

Addicted to 'Crack" (Climbing) - Tips for Overcoming Fear with a Climber at her Pinnacle

Mercadi is the first to admit that falling is part of her sport. She’s fallen enough times to know the pain and respe...

Improve Endurance and Burn More Fat: The Science Behind Why Coffee is the Best Pre-Workout

Caffeine’s impact on athletic performance is well-studied by sports scientists. So today, we did some digging and bre...

How to Dominate at the Beach with an Elite AVP Athlete

Kellie is constantly changing up how she exercises and where she spends her time. But there is one constant – the Oly...

Dominating Your Day - Every Day. Shawn Adair's Morning Routine

Elite performance doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work, focus, good habits, and of course… coffee. In today’s prof...

4 Step Guide: Make Cold Brew Today to Domiante Your Workout Tomorrow

We've put together our personal four-step guide so that you can have cold brew on-demand for every morning. You don't...
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