High Performance

Performing Under Pressure From the Top of the World

In our quest for ultimate performance we set out to find how the best of the best prepare for and perform in high-pr...

Get SMART: How To Set Goals You'll Actually Keep

What if we could be smarter about our goal setting? What if we could set goals in such a way that it made it difficul...

Dominating The Holidays: Balancing Training, Travel, and Family

If you are stuck in your childhood bedroom or a hotel room during the holidays, body weight exercises and resistance ...

How I Use Coffee To Maximize Race Day Performance: A Mini Case Study

I recently participated in the Invitational Triathlon (ITT) in Oahu, Hawaii. It was a two-day event that featured a t...

How to Prep the Body and Mind for Race day. Tips from Pro Steeplechaser Steph Garcia

Professional runner and Olympic hopeful, Stephanie Garcia, shares her training tips to perform at the highest level.

Going the Distance with Ultra Endurance Champion Eve Rebennack

An elite ultra-endurance athlete, Eve travels the country to dominate some of the most grueling races out there. Regu...

From Couch to 50K: How to Train Like an Elite Endurance Athlete with Coach Justin Kline

He is a normal guy that gets extraordinary results - and that’s what we are all about here at Megaton. When we saw wh...

Improve Endurance and Burn More Fat: The Science Behind Why Coffee is the Best Pre-Workout

Caffeine’s impact on athletic performance is well-studied by sports scientists. So today, we did some digging and bre...
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