Recipe: "Brick Brew" to Fuel Your Endurance Training

We teamed up with Justin Kline - elite endurance athlete and head coach at Archangel Fitness - to brew up the most efficient pre-workout coffee out there.

Affectionately known as "Brick Brew" - we've taken cold brew to the next level by adding in a few extra twists for the additional energy that hours of endurance training demands.

We've included the recipe list below. So brew it up and get ready to dominate your next workout!


Brick Brew

1. 7 tbsp of Megaton Coffee
2. 20 oz of filtered water
3. Combine both in a French Press. (Make sure you stir it well before you put it in the fridge)
4. Refrigerate over night (12 hours is perfect)
5. Place 4 tbs Heavy Whipping Cream (or milk of choice) in glass
6. Add 1 tsp of MCT Oil
7. Add 2 tbs vanilla flavoring
8. Press Coffee and pour over mixture
9. Add Ice
10. Go Crush Your Workout


Warning: This will be extremely caffeinated! 

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