Going the Distance with Ultra Endurance Champion Eve Rebennack

Getting To Know Eve Rebennack

Training Out of: Phoenix, Arizona

Sport: Ultra Endurance Trail Running (50k +)

Instagram: @palindrome_rnr

Fun Fact – Eve made the podium in her very first ultra-marathon and then ended up winning her second ultra race ever!

 Megaton Coffee_Ultra Endurance_High Caffeine

Eve knows how to go the distance. An elite ultra-endurance athlete, Eve travels the country to dominate some of the most grueling races out there. Having qualified for the Western States 100 Miler, Eve has perfected the art of training and pushing through the most stressful conditions.

“I vividly remember finishing the 100k – quicksilver 100k. There was 12,000 feet of vertical gain, nothing flat. I was beaming with smiles when I crossed – and yes, I danced around, basking in the victory. Best day ever!



Eve’s Training Routine

We had to know the secret behind Eve’s success. So we asked her the most important parts of her routine. Here’s what she said:


  • 40-50 miles per week during the off-season
  • 60 miles per week during training season
  • 20-30 miles on back to back days (Need to train the legs to push through extreme fatigue)

Essential Equipment:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hydro Pack
  • Snacks

We all need to stay consistent with training – we have to put in the work. You must push through even on the day it sucks – because you are going to have moments in your races where everything hurts. It does hurt but you have to train your body to deal with the pain.


Fueling Up Like an Endurance Champ

Eve emphasizes that finding the right balance of calories, energy, and caffeination are key.

Here’s what Eve uses to fuel her training regimen and race days.

  • Roctane – a core sports drink that allows her to drink her calories
  • Avocado Sandwiches – light weight and tons of nutrients
  • Gels – to replenish carbohydrates
  • Megaton Coffee – (1/2 cup of coffee + milk) for early morning training because it doesn’t upset her stomach and gives an extra caffeine boost to stay alert.


Megaton Coffee_High Caffeine_Running

What every First timer needs to Know

Eve’s constant encouragement to first timers is never to be intimidated by the distances. She considers that the races are fun and so are the organizers. The training is always worth it she adds.

Learn More About Eve

Eve is a one-of-a-kind athlete and loves to encourage new runners to push themselves further. You can follow her on Instagram @palindrome_rnr for unique pictures, race updates, and of course tips on how to conquer endurance training.



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