Dominating Your Day - Every Day. Shawn Adair's Morning Routine

Elite performance doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work, focus, good habits, and of course… coffee. In today’s profile we caught up with fitness coach Shawn Adair to tap into the exact routine he uses to win every single day.

Shawn Adair - Dominating the Day - Megaton Coffee - High Caffeine Coffee

Getting to Know Shawn Adair

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Occupation: Personal fitness coach and owner of “The Bar

Instagram: @AdairTrainer

To say Shawn is a busy guy is an understatement. As a business owner and fitness coach, not only does he need to maximize every minute of his day, but he needs to perform at 100% all day long. Shawn helps clients that want to improve their physical range and strength.

“I try to help people perform better so that their daily lives are easier. After they have full control of their body we go to performance. I then help them utilize their body to the fullest potential. My number one goal is to help people move without pain. After that we can focus on strength and power.

Shawn’s Morning Routine

Shawn’s day starts early. On a normal day he works with 8-10 individual clients, runs his business, and still needs to find time to stay in shape. Every day is a mental and physical challenge, so he treats his morning routine as a systematic way to prepare himself to be at his best all day.

Morning Routine:

4:00 AM – Wake Up

4:05 AM – Big Cup of Water

4:05 - 4:20 AM – Shower/Get Ready

4:25 AM – Avocado and Kale Smoothie

4:30 AM – Fresh Cup of Coffee

4:35 AM – Grab a Pre Prepped Lunch

4:40 AM – 5 Minute Meditation

4:45 AM – Leave For His Gym "The Bar"

 Shawn Adair - Megaton Coffee- Dominate the Day

Secrets to Success

Shawn attributes his morning success to two things - coffee and meal prep. Coffee is the fuel that jumpstarts Shawn’s day and getting the right food is the fuel that keeps him going. He uses a service called Vancouver Muscle Meals that delivers healthy meals at the beginning of each week. Meal prep saves him time every morning and also ensures he can get his macro nutrients. In case you were wondering...Shawn tries to get 180-200 grams of protein every day.

Why Do You Drink Coffee?

“It’s the ritual that starts my day. When I get coffee I feel alert and I’m ready to coach clients. It wakes me up and gets me physically prepared to coach in the morning. I feel brain dead without it."

The Key to a Complete Workout Routine

Shawn combines multiple disciplines into his workout routine. His daily workouts are a progression of calisthenics, power lifting, and traditional body building exercises.  A typical workout routine starts with plyometrics, deadlifts, and curls.

Recommendations to Megaton Drinkers:

We asked Shawn for his best recommendations to the Megaton community looking to gain a physical edge. Here's what he suggests:
Best Book: Anatomy Trains
Best Information on Nutrition: Alan Aragon
Best YouTube Video: Functional Range Conditioning



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